full moon

Full Moon Ceremony

September 14th

September 14th

The Experience

Celebrate your emergence by stepping out of old identity and behaviors, and into illumination. Prior to the ceremony, we will meet at the Lodge at Blue Sky. We will then begin our journey up the mountain near the Yurt where we will gather for our full moon ceremony. The landscape will be set with candles and aura of the surrounding nature, creating a unique and sacred space for our magical moonlit gathering. As every full moon has a ritual, we will begin by burning incense, and then writing down on seeded paper things we want to release. As this ritual involves the purification of the element fire, we will then cast the wood into the flames and watch as it turns to ashes. We will spend the rest of the evening breathing in the night air, and gazing at the skies and full moon just above you and thereafter closes with a full moon meditation and an extension of gratitude.

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