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Crops being watered

Farm School


Learn the tricks of the organic farm from our Head Farmer Lynsey Gammon. During your farm "school" experience, you'll learn Lynsey's secrets for creating a biodiverse farm and how she’s implemented and sustained sustainable farming in a short growing season. Head out to the field to harvest the tender greens, baby root vegetables and flowers that make our farm so special. After some harvesting, we will begin an abbreviated list of farm chores including irrigating crops, hoeing and cultivating, transplanting vegetables into the ground, and planting seeds in the greenhouse. Your harvest will be used for a special farm lunch.

  • Maximum 10 guests
Farming Director Lynsey

Lynsey Gammon

Lynsey remembers the first time her grandmother gave her a snap pea to eat fresh from the vine as a young child. Vibrant green, perfectly crunchy, and with a complex flavor she had never before experienced from store-bought vegetables, Lynsey knew then that growing your own food with patience and reverence held a special kind of magic. As an adult, Lynsey dedicated herself to the craft of farming. She employs the best sustainable growing techniques with a focus on soil integrity, and does ongoing in-depth reviews of climate patterns to plan out which crops will be grown and harvested throughout the year. In the same way that Blue Sky tends to the needs of each individual guest, Lynsey and her team tend to the needs of each individual plant.

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