Native American drum
Native American drum

Gain an artful understanding of Native American life

  • View caves, petroglyphs and an ancestral pueblo village
  • Learn the importance of rattles to both musical and healing ceremonies
  • Create your own personal drum made from natural materials


Native American Art Experiences

Reconnecting to Your Lineage Through Seed Work | Privately Guided

Explore your connection to your heritage through seed work. Where do you come from? What seeds did those people grow? How can you bring this relationship to seed back into your life whether you are an advanced gardener or a first-time grower? Learn how to be a keeper of seeds, how to connect to your ancestry, and maintain this connection for future generations.
  • 3 hours
  • 9:30-10:30 am
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Native American rattle in historical photograph

Ceremonial Rattle-Making

The rattle is a musical instrument as well as a healing tool, and can be made out of many different objects: hide, wood, gourds, cans, eggs and shells, to name a few, and decorated with materials, such as beads, furs, or feathers. The experience concludes with a ceremony during which the rattles are brough to life to introduce them into the world of music and healing.
  • 2 hours
Native American drum

Ceremonial Drum-Making

Spaniards introduced two-headed drums used by the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico over 400 years ago. The art of drum-making is still prevalent and we've created an experience for our guests to create their own personal drum made from natural materials.
  • 2 hours

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