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An Artful Year Ahead at Bishop's Lodge

Revered as one of the greatest cultural and artistic centers in the world, Santa Fe is home to storied artists that use a variety of mediums. Horseshoe Gallery comes alive with curated works by distinct artists. Join us for a special preview of the collection. Guests are invited to browse the myriad of fascinating pieces and to speak one-on-one with the artists who created them.

  • View our upcoming exhibitions and check back regularly for updated listings
  • Gallery open upon request during weekdays | No signup needed; please stop by
SkyFire patio
SkyFire patio

Ongoing Series | August-November, 2022

AIR (Artists in Residence) + Live Painting at SkyFire

Bishop's Lodge and FaraHNHeight present AIR (Artists in Residence) the first weekend of the month. Prior to the events, artists' work will be on display throughout Bishop's Lodge.

  • October 7-9 | 11am – 5pm daily: Vendor concessions at Two Dogs | 5-7:30pm nightly: Live painting at SkyFire

Armond Antonio a Navajo (Diné) artist from Pueblo Pintado, New Mexico. The mediums he works with are acrylic paint, oil paint, pencil, ink, leather, and photography. His main focus is "Traditional, Western, Contemporary art." Mr. Antonio is not only a talented artist, but also a hard working cowboy/horseman, and an empathetic humanitarian.

Early during the start of the pandemic, Antonio reached out to FaraHNHeight Fine Art, inquiring if we could help facilitate raising money and awareness for COVID relief for the Navajo Nation and the Pueblo’s of New Mexico. He wanted to donate some of his artwork to such an endeavor.

Lacking a car, he decided to ride his horse from the ranch he worked on some 100 miles away to Santa Fe and hand-deliver some artwork for the exhibition. A Navajo cowboy riding his horse into old Santa Fe to hand-deliver his creations to help raise money and awareness for his people and others makes him a living legend! Armond Antonio most recently showcased and sold his work at the 2021 L.A Skins Film Festival in Hollywood California.
  • November 4-6 | 11am – 5pm daily: Vendor concessions at Two Dogs | 5-7:30pm nightly: Live painting at SkyFire

Elwin Shorthair was born in Shiprock, New Mexico but from Teec Nos Pos and Coppermine AZ. He says, "Each one of my paintings is a reflection of inner prayers, emotions, and stories of myself and my people."

"I am full Navajo and have been painting since preschool. My father’s sketch book made me want to draw. Details of the elder's portraits have always interested me. Drawing the eyes is my most favorite part, because I love people's reaction to it. I do lots of portraits as commissions and for enjoyment of honoring the Native People."

"I often chose horned toads as my main subject for my creations. In our culture of the Diné (Navajo), the horned toads represent our 'chei'/grandpa. This magical reptilian embodies the importance of storytelling and teaching. It's a symbol of protection and a shield. We use the horned toads as prayers in our ceremonies. Sometimes I personally build a wall, a guard, and shield myself from people and family. I can’t express who I really am to people. So I also personally identify with the horned toads. When I paint horned toads, I love the details and challenges and discipline, painting details always helps me overcome a hardship experience."
  • Dates TBA

Bishop’s Lodge and FaraHNHeight Gallery present Nizhonniya will be on site for discussions of her work and demonstrations of her painting technique during the weekends of the exhibit. Nizhonniya Austin is a musician and painter born and raised in Juneau, Alaska. She studied studio arts at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Nizhonniya continues to live and paint in Santa Fe.

“I have been experimenting with abstract expressionism for over seven years now. One of the main components of this form of visual art that continues to captivate me is the amount of freedom involved in its process, and the amount of freedom that I allow. My painting style is almost completely unguided and unplanned; I do not use sketch books or drawings. Instead, I allow myself to be guided moment to moment – solving each ‘mistake’ as I go along."

"This entire process that I have been practicing is about the journey of trusting oneself, forgiving mistakes that one has made, and trusting the instinctual gifts of creativity. With my paintings, I am not only challenging the freedom I have within myself, but I am also challenging the ethereal relationship between artist and surface."

Special Exhibition | November 1 - 30

Chapel paintings by Albert Hopkins

Exhibition at Lamy's Chapel at Bishop's Lodge

In November, Bishop's Lodge is proud to host a collection of Albert Hopkins' work, in smaller vignettes, available for viewing in the Chapel. Albert Hopkins trained at the New York Art Students League and the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Art and has always felt formal training provides only the fundamentals to create fine art. The remaining elements come from the artist's own vision and creativity. Being attracted to the honesty of the natural world helps Hopkins create paintings that move individuals emotionally through his focus on light, color and form. If he succeeds in his articulation, his paints are then a success.
  • Albert’s paintings were recently identified in Southwest Art Magazine as being highly collectible and an excellent addition to any art investment portfolio. His works can be found in galleries in Taos, Santa Fe, various locations in Colorado, and the East coast. His paintings are collected worldwide.

Past Exhibitions

Taste of Auberge with Kenneth Johnson

Chef Pablo and artist Kenneth Johnson collaborated at Bishop's Lodge to create a creative interpretation of two artful forms: food and art. SkyFire's patio was host to a reception celebrating the work of contemporary Native American Designer and accomplished metalsmith, in partnership with SWAIA and Bobby Beals.
Art by John Moyers

Nedra Matteucci Galleries

Since its founding in 1972, Nedra Matteucci Galleries has sought to expand and refine its diverse collection of important paintings and sculpture. Today, the gallery specializes in 19th and 20th century American art, including the Taos Society of Artists, artists of the American West, and masters of American Impressionism and Modernism. Leading contemporary painters and sculptors that represent the depth and diversity of modern western art are also a major part of the comprehensive collection of artists the gallery exhibits.
  • March 18-20, 25-27, 2022
Work by Artist Holly McVeigh

All the Clay Horses with Holly McVeigh

After nearly a decade focusing on non-profit arts administration, Holly has begun working full-time as an artist and art college consultant as well as founding the Clay Horse Retreat in Pecos, NM. The retreat will provide space for local artists and visitors to be creative while experiencing the Pecos wilderness. Holly exhibited her latest series of mixed-media ceramic works at The Horseshoe Gallery. The work is a combination of functional and experimental pieces which weld the rustic and the pristine while examining the American experience through a critical lens. Multiple ceramic techniques are used to construct the work including slip-casting, coil, slab, and reductive processes. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds of art sales went toward providing New Mexico artists with cost-free residency opportunities at the Clay Horse Retreat to begin in the summer of 2022.
  • December 8-12, 2021
Hand Stamping by Kenneth Johnson
Hand Stamping by Kenneth Johnson

Kenneth Johnson - Muscogee/Seminole

Kenneth Johnson is a contemporary Native American Designer and accomplished metalsmith working in copper, silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. His career spans over 3 decades and is recognized for bold combinations of stampwork and engraving, often incorporating coins and bead set gemstones. Signature techniques include original dates of coins visible in the designs, Seminole patchwork patterns, rocker arm engravings, and Southeast style concentric line designs. Kenneth showcased his newest works in jewelry and sculpture at the Horseshoe Gallery, November 17-21.
  • December 15-19, 2021
Work by Artist Che Leviathan

The Friday Paper

The Friday Paper featured new works on paper by esteemed artists. Featured artists were Che Leviathan, Frank Gonzales and Robert Peterson. Included were a variety of live creation on paper including screen-printing, montoype making, watercolor and ink work.
  • November 24-28, 2021

Whiteshell Waterplace" Installation with David Naranjo

Bishop’s Lodge and FarahNHeight are collaborating to create “Whiteshell Waterplace”, a museum-like, curated show by artist David Naranjo with an installation, exhibit and cocktails with the artist at the Horseshoe Gallery. To reflect the multi-generational nature of the exhibit, traditional pottery and indigenous work will be incorporated into the show. Reception guests can talk to David Naranjo about his work, and see the artist working. Naranjo is from the Pueblos of Santa Clara, San Juan, Cochiti, and resides in Albuquerque, NM. A recent graduate from the Institute of American Indian Arts, Naranjo is working in multiple mediums to depict cultural symbolism through stylized Puebloan pottery designs and fine geometrical linear work. Naranjo’s work reflects and serves as an example to the ever changing adaptation of modern culture and indigenous Puebloan traditions.
  • July 1 - August 1, 2022

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