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Stories from Auberge Du Soleil

Stories from Auberge Du Soleil

Eat Zeus, Artichokes, and Aphrodisiacs

If you visit Auberge Du Soleil when artichokes are in season, plan to dine over a delectable dish that will have you falling in love over dinner— for more than one reason. Thought to be an aphrodisiac by ancient Romans and Greeks, the artichoke’s scandalous reputation has since stuck. It all started with a story from Greek Mythology, in which Zeus fell in love with a gorgeous mortal woman, and turned her into a goddess. The goddess, however, missed her life as a mortal and desired to return back. In a fit of rage, Zues transformed his love into an artichoke. This little piece of mystical history makes dining over Auberge Du Soeil’s dish of Liberty Farm duck, artichoke, foie gras, Castelvetrano olives and mizuna even more enticing than before, if that’s even possible.Stories from Auberge Du Soleil