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Stories from Auberge Du Soleil

Stories from Auberge Du Soleil

Do Meet Me By The Flying Pig

Among the lavender beds, clipped boxwood, and myrtle, sculptures curated by Arena Gallery are dispersed throughout Auberge Du Soleil’s grounds. Artworks, ranging from over 60 different California artists, change frequently and delight guests in a treasure hunt of sorts. Turn one corner, and find a whimsical, dancing sheep that will make you laugh, and at the next corner, stumble upon a sculpture of stacked origami that looks so delicate, you feel the need to tiptoe past it. Whether making an afternoon out of touring the art pieces, using them as landmarks to meet up with friends, or posing in front of your favorite for a photo, these sculptures are an iconic, cherished part of Auberge Du Soleil’s gardens. Be careful to avoid using the figure of speech “when pigs fly,” as a sculpture of a flying pig stands in the courtyard— perhaps serving a reminder of the unending possibilities at Auberge Du Soleil. Stories from Auberge Du Soleil