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Stories from Auberge Du Soleil

Stories from Auberge Du Soleil

Learn L'Esprit du Soleil

Today, we unveil “L’Esprit du Soleil” (The Spirit of the Sun), designed by local artist Gordon Huether.

The work features 12 individually crafted abstract suns, with each panel crafted in a distinctly different color. The vibrant colors convey life, vitality and the abundant natural beauty that can be found in the Napa Valley.

“We wanted a bold work that would encourage guests to pause and contemplate as they arrive to check into the hotel or on their way to dine at the Restaurant. Given Gordon’s long-standing history in Napa Valley and his impeccable reputation as a world-renowned sculptor, I knew he was the perfect artist to take this rough concept and reimagine it into a beautiful interpretation of light, color and the sun.” – George Goeggel, Managing Partner at Auberge du Soleil

Artist Gordon Huether shared with us, “I was really excited to work on this project at Auberge du Soleil where the vibe aligns with the earth, the sun and the landscape… I was inspired knowing that long-time returning guests and first time visitors alike will discover the unexpected with this piece where each unique color is meant to display radiant light from the sun. L’Esprit du Soleil adds another dynamic layer of richness to the property; the piece is going to look different every time you see it with the constant change of light throughout the day, every day, and as the material changes gradually over time.”

Photo Credit: Mariana Calderon
Video Credit: Aperture MediaStories from Auberge Du Soleil