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Stories from Auberge Du Soleil

Stories from Auberge Du Soleil

Eat A Sweet Surprise for Sweet Dreams

The best way to say goodnight— or to say anything, really— is with chocolate. Auberge du Soleil knows this to be true and makes 600 pounds of chocolate-covered almonds a year, in part to leave the sweet surprise of Amandes au Chocolat in rooms at turndown. The delicately roasted organic California almonds dipped in dark chocolate are among the many desserts that Auberge du Soleil is known for. From requests to make a full-sized mailbox sculpture out of Valrhona chocolate, to tasting a handmade bar sourced with beans from a farm in Belize, expect the sweetest of your dreams to come true. Make sure to ask Pastry Chef Lemieux what he recommends to challenge your chocolate palate.
Stories from Auberge Du Soleil