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3 Bold Travel Ideas You Should Book as Soon as Possible

Check out a new hotel in the southern highlands of Costa Rica which combines healthy living with natural beauty.

Sfer Ik, one of the world’s wildest art museums, opened in the jungle outside Tulum, Mexico, shortly before the pandemic, its structures built in and around the trees from a mix of vines, fiberglass and concrete. “We decided to become part of nature,” says the founder, a self-taught architect who goes by Roth. “We don’t cut any tree that’s wider than one inch, don’t modify the surface of the land, so the floor of the museum is undulating.”

The exhibition program, cut short in 2020, relaunches this winter under a new director, Brazilian curator Marcello Dantas. “This is the opposite of the white cube,” Dantas says, “a place where artists have to negotiate with gravity, with light, with humidity.” His first commission is an installation from Mexican artist Héctor Zamora, who will fill the warren of spaces with 10,000 bouncing balls.

A “city of arts” (shown above) around the museum hosts local artisans like weavers, potters and glassblowers, who work closely with invited artists, such as Argentine Tomás Saraceno, who will develop his own installation after he visits next year. “One of the provocations I put to artists,” says Dantas, “is, Can you make art that’s relevant to other species, to the birds or the spiders or the iguanas that are living in that place?”

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