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A waterfall flows through thick forest
A waterfall flows through thick forest

Hike to a picnic at Mina Escondida waterfall

The Experience

Our trek to Mina Escondida is sure to open your eyes to the stunning natural beauty that is hidden in all corners of our biodiverse surroundings. Start with a scenic hike in the valley of Cedral, taking you into the far reaches of our valley. An uphill trek, you’ll pass local homes, a bamboo forest and cross a river by log bridge before heading into the lush jungle, where you could have the opportunity to spot a striking variety of wildlife, including monkeys. Mina Escondida features a series of waterfalls, each with their own unique attributes and intentions - whether swimming in the natural pools at the foot of the flowing waters, feeling the power of Pachamama as you take in the beauty from a rock perched alongside or cleansing in the spray of the namesake cascade. For those brave enough to enter the chilly waters, pack a bathing suit to refresh in one of the nature-made plunge pools. Make your way out of the forest and navigate your way back through the valley to the hacienda on foot.

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