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Visiting Masters Program: Manjit Devgun


Mind Coach and Mindful Movement Practitioner

Growing up singing kirtan and practicing meditation, Manjit learned the discipline of self-awareness and mind-body connection. For the last 5 years she has found that her clients have benefited from a more personalized and integrated approach in breaking through negative patterns and manifesting goals. Manjit has channeled these learnings into her unique coaching method of integrative self-hypnosis, breathwork, energy healing and mindfulness techniques. This practice can be individually tailored to clients as a 12 week program and has been introduced to CEO’s and corporations including Chanel, The New York Times, Gates Ventures and Squarespace.

  • January 12th - January 30th

Group Offerings

  • Moving Meditation & Forest Journaling (60 Minutes)

    Connect mindfulness and movement with this walking meditative practice. Through a guided nature hike and forest journaling experience, you’ll learn how to bring attention to your breath and body, and focus your mind on the intersection between the physical action of walking with the natural surrounding landscape.

  • Pachamama Breathwork (30 Minutes)

    Cultivate the vital energy in the body through the powerful connection of breath and nature.

  • Release Burning Ceremony (30 Minutes)

    Let go of what no longer serves you with our signature intention setting and burning ceremony.

  • QiGong (60 Minutes)

    An ancient Chinese wellness practice that involves fluidly linking deliberate, meditative movements and rhythmic breathing.

  • Mindful Manifestation (30 Minutes)

    A group hypnosis session that uses breathwork and relaxation techniques to help you break past your limiting beliefs and manifest your goals and desires.

  • Crystal Sound Bath (60 Minutes)

    Discover the power of sound and crystal healing through a 60-minute immersive experience, designed to restore energetic balance in the body

Private Offerings

  • Skin Ritual with Inner-Beauty Hypnotherapy (60/90 minutes)

    A deeply relaxing and mood-enhancing facial treatment that incorporates the healing techniques of a guided hypnosis in tandem with our skin-nourishing facial. During this immersive session, our Visiting Master, Manjit Devgun, collaborates with our Skin Health practitioner in a one-of-a-kind integrated experience.

  • Palm Reading (60 minutes)

    This is a deep dive into the blueprint map of your life etched as lines, mounds, and shapes represented by the hands. The reading will reveal which energy centers would benefit from alignment, what times in your life you have the most success and career growth, childhood trauma and life events which may still be affecting your soul and career path and what we are meant to overcome and learn as individuals in this lifetime.

  • Self-Hypnosis (60 minutes)

    Hypnosis allows us to go deeper into our self healing by looking at what limiting beliefs are holding us back from being our most authentic self. From alleviating anxiety and healing allergies to manifesting the life you want, Manjit uses energy healing and breathwork as well as hypnosis to help you focus
on creating new neural pathways in the brain and create 
long-term change.

  • Sound Healing with Sekhem Energy (60 minutes)

    This relaxing and calming session encompasses Egyptian lineage energy healing with sound vibration, prayer and 432 htz music to help clear blocks, invoke inner healing, improve health and help balance the body. This includes a guided visualization meditation to teach you self-healing.

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