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Visiting Masters Program: Alejandro Lázaro


Shamanic Facials & Modern Astrology

Based in Los Angeles, Alejandro Lázaro combines the practices of shamanic facials and modern astrology, alchemizing groups and individuals in accessing forgotten somatic connections and soul identities. In 2015 Alejandro founded UNTO SELF, as a dedication to the core-consciousness we return to again and again in our healing journeys. He incorporates sound healing and guided breath in his facial practice, as well as leads classes on face massage and astrology.

  • December 15, 2023 - January 5, 2024


  • Movement & Sound (60 minutes)
    Reset the body, mind and chakras in this uplifting and inspiring yoga practice. Move through an exhilarating and eccentric series of s yoga asanas, breathwork and sound healing.
  • Sound Healing (60 minutes)
    Experience deep rest and revitalization with this guided sound bath. Attune to the innate nature of the Self and honor our interconnectedness through sound vibration and gentle instrumentation.
  • All Things Astrology (60 minutes)
    Discover your personal horoscope, learn the principal archetypes that make the study of the stars relevant to our healing journeys. Explore the current phases of the moon and planetary cycles, as well as retrogrades and upcoming transits, and learn their potentials and relevance in our daily lives
  • Yoga for Kids (60 minutes)
    Move your body and connect to your breath, taking in the power of Mother Nature. This beginner’s yoga class introduces junior guests to simple asanas, leaning into poses inspired by the nature which surrounds AltaGracia.


  • Shamanic Facial (60/90 minutes)
    The tissues and muscles of the human face hold enormous amounts of energy, both stagnant and living. This session releases stored tension, stress and toxins through facial acupressure, lymphatic drainage and buccal massage, designed to instantly enhance your complexion and restore energetic balance in the body for days after treatment.
  • Astral Mapping (60 minutes)
    You will be presented with personalized visual maps of your horoscope and an explanation of the most optimal locations for home, career, transformation and love. A look into your natal chart, current and upcoming transits is included, as well as partner synastry.
  • Tarot Cartomancy Reading (60 minutes)
    Derived from European traditions of tarot, this card reading utilizes a deck of tarot cards to read the near future for clarity and guidance. The timing of their prophecies are immediate and they serve as a powerful oracle.

Group Offerings with Rashia Bell + Alejandro Lázaro

  • Release Burning Ceremony (30 minutes)
    Let go of what no longer serves you with our signature intention setting and burning ceremony led by Rashia Bell and Alejandro Lázaro.
  • New Years Energetic Reset (90 minutes)
    Begin the New Year with a fun, multi-somatic session created to cultivate inner healing and expansion through a series of mind, body and spirit activating therapies. Led by Visiting Masters Rashia Bell and Alejandro Lázaro, this experience includes guided meditation, breathwork, astrology forecasting, sound healing and an intention setting ceremony in celebration of the year ahead.
  • Story of the Stars (90 minutes)
    Explore the night, outer planets and your inner-self to discover the magic and magnitude of the night sky. Post-stargazing and accompanied by a hot cacao (or cocktail) around the fire, enjoy a reading to see how where, when and how you were born affects who you are and where your path will lead you.

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