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Visiting Masters Program: Mia Rigden


An Extraordinary Year

Mia Rigden is a Los Angeles-based board certified nutritionist, trained chef, and the author of The Well Journal (2020) and Foodwise, a comprehensive, encouraging guide to healthy eating. Through her immersive work, she aims to help people understand their bodies, demystify wellness trends and learn to love nutrient-dense foods, so they can improve their health, and avoid stressing about their food choices.

  • March 25 - April 6, 2024

Group Offerings

  • The Art of… Chocolate Avocado Mousse (60 minutes)
    Explore the unique ingredients of Costa Rica in this immersive workshop, led by nutritionist and chef Mia Ridgen. Mia will guide an intimate group through her signature chocolate avocado mousse recipe, sharing her exciting flavor combinations and fresh approach to this dessert classic

  • Nutrition 101 (30 minutes)
    Join Mia for a candid conversation on the significance of fostering a positive relationship with food for the littlest among us. You’ll learn helpful tips and receive recipes for making the most out of family mealtime.

  • DIY Bowl Assembly (60 minutes)
    Enjoy a hands-on culinary experience in which you’ll learn about food pairing and utilize local Costa Rican ingredients to create a personalized meal

  • Breakfast for the Family (90 minutes)
    Gather at Grano for a hosted family breakfast, where you’ll learn helpful hacks and nutritional tips from Visiting Master Mia Rigden, all while enjoying delicious dishes that easily can be recreated upon your arrival home.

  • Healthful Cocktail Workshop (60 minutes)
    Make happy hour health-forward with a fun and informative cocktail class. In this session, Mia will share her best ingredients for one’s indulgence, as well as simple recipes to take home and enjoy.

  • San Isidro Market Visit with Mia Rigden (90 minutes)
    Discover one of Costa Rica’s largest farmers markets, all through the eyes of nutritionist and chef Mia Ridgen. On this guided visit, you’ll enjoy a hands-on exploration of local produce, along with expert advice on how to navigate your own weekly shopping once home.

Private Offerings

  • 1:1 Nutritional Consultation
    Learn how nutrition pertains to your body, as well as helpful food and lifestyle advice to help you achieve optimal health. This session can be personalized for an individual or family.


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