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Latin spirits with Selva, one of the top 50 best bars


Selva Oaxaca Cocktail Bar

An ode to the diversity and richness of local ingredients and Mexican distillates.

  • December 12-16, 2022

The Exclusive Experience

Named one of the top 50 Best Bars in North America, Selva Oaxaca Cocktail Bar is an ode to the diversity and richness of local ingredients and Mexican distillates. Alexandra Purcaru, Beverage Director and Co-Founder of the award winning Oaxaca City cocktail bar, will host a series of spirited events celebrating the artistry of mixology and develop signature cocktails utilizing indigenous Latin American flavors.

AltaGracia x Selva

Enlighten your palate with new and unexpected tastes as we uncover a culinary journey dedicated to honoring the lands and culture of Costa Rica. Enjoy an elegant cocktail series seamlessly paired with a delightful, coursed dinner menu curated in collaboration with AltaGracia's executive chef couple, Arno Janse van Rensberg and Liezl Odendaal.

Bespoke Sunset Gathering

Gather on the terrace for a golden cocktail hour featuring a selection of enticing spirits, allowing guests to experience an abundance of unexpected flavors.

Latin Libations

Explore the art of mixology in this engaging workshop led by Alexandra & Claudio from the award-winning cocktail bar, Selva. Learn the craft of cocktail making, taste a variety of local spirits and develop the perfect afternoon aperitif, infused with seasonal, Latin American flavors and hand-picked herbs from our organic garden.

About Selva

Inaugurated on March 21, 2019, Selva is an ode to the diversity and richness of local ingredients and Mexican distillates, it is a poem inspired by the flavors of Oaxaca, its corners and its lands, its people, its culture and its techniques. Selva is a journey and its cocktails are gourmet, with a strong focus on seasonal ingredients. We seek synergy between the innovative and the endemic, but with international style and elegance. To talk about Selva is to talk about the past and the future in the present; about time travel, about moments that exalt the richness of cordiality, friendship and deep relaxation through spaces built to harmonize our bodies with our souls. The Selva Oaxaca Cocktail Bar project was designed by architect Claudia Turrent, environmentalist Martina D’Acosta, Jaime Muñoz and bartender Alexandra Purcaru, founder of Art Cocktail Club.
  • “If one were to distill and bottle the essence of Oaxaca, it would taste like a Selva cocktail.” ~ North America’s 50 Best Bars

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