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Tree canopy
Tree canopy

Osa Peninsula & Isla del Caño


The Experience

The Osa Peninsula is one of the most biodiverse and complex ecosystems on Earth, holding at least 3% of all species of the entire planet within its borders. Easily accessible from AltaGracia, arrive in Sierpe by car or plane, to begin your journey of cultural and nature discovery. Witness the iconic ancient stone spheres, a symbol of the native indigenous cultures, some of which still remain in this area. Though studied widely, little is still known about their creation or original intention, though it is believed they were precisely placed to align with the sun. With the arrival of the Spanish, many were moved or broken apart, with the foreigners believing the natives were hiding gold or jewels within. Following the quick dive into local history, jump in a full canopy boat to navigate the labyrinth of channels, the biggest mangrove system of Central America, looking for wildlife. Birds, alligators and sloths may be spotted as you move slowly into hidden offshoots, before finding your way to the open ocean. Once in the blue waters, head to Isla del Caño Biological Reserve, the best place for snorkeling and diving in the region. Light lunch is served on the boat, followed by a beach hopping hike. The hike is one of our favorites in the country: an easy single trail over mostly flat terrain, where secluded beaches are plentiful and people are scarce. Take this hike as fast or slow as you like, stopping along the way for another dip or trekking onwards back to your awaiting transfer.

  • Recommended for lovers of nature and marine life, and those interested in the opportunity to fish, snorkel or enjoy a scenic coastal hike
  • This experience is offered by car, fixed wing airplane or helicopter
  • The visit to Osa & Isla de Caño is a full day adventure, returning before sunset to the hacienda if traveling by plane or helicopter; when traveling by car, transfers are approximately 2 to 3 hours each way
  • While there is no minimum age, guests 10 years old and above tend to get the most out of this experience

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