A woman relaxes while her head is massaged
A woman relaxes while her head is massaged

Unwind with daily mindful movement classes

The Experience

Our selection of daily classes and group sessions are led by certified experts who blend traditional and innovative approaches to mindful movement.

Mindful Movement Classes

Embody Yoga

Learn the art, science and language of yoga in this transformative class led by experienced and dedicated teachers. All levels welcome.

Empower Yoga

An athletic, vinyasa-based class that strengthens your body and mental focus. Classes integrate sun salutations, standing postures, arm balances, core work and backbends.

R&R Yoga

A gentle class using bolsters and blankets to support the body. Postures calm the nervous system and reduce stress.

Aerial Yoga

Airborne movements are practiced in a suspended hammock. Postures are designed to increase strength, balance and flexibility. All levels welcome.


A variety of proven techniques that empower you to adapt to stress and upgrade your overall well-being. Teacher-led group sessions.


An ancient Chinese wellness practice that involves fluidly linking deliberate, meditative movements and rhythmic breathing.

Indoor spa pool
The Casa de Agua at the Wellness Center at Hacienda AltaGracia, Costa Rica

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