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6 night stay

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A decorative mask of the Boruca tribe
A decorative mask of the Boruca tribe

Learn from the indigenous Boruca tribe

The Experience

Arrive at the center of the native reservation where you will be welcomed by the Grandfather of the Fire to set an intention. An artistic performance by Cas Chí, named “The Creation of the Night” will be performed, with our guide explaining the cultural symbolism as you watch. Visit the nearby mountain to walk the forest and learn its importance to the native indigenous, how they pass down ancient knowledge of the harvest and incorporate it as part of their local diet. Returning into the village, receive a full introduction about the symbolic art of mask making, an iconic tradition among this particular native people, as you sit with the locals to paint your own mask. Later, a group of ladies from the community will show you one of their ancient practices, the making of traditional fabrics from organic cotton, including some of the seasonal natural pigments that they use and the techniques to make the different braided and combination of colors.

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