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Waterfall in a lush forest
Waterfall in a lush forest

Blue Zone + Artisanal Immersion


An Extraordinary Year

An opportunity to connect with Costa Rica’s ancient roots, discover how great longevity is achieved on the Nicoya Peninsula - one of the world’s five Blue Zones. Visit the 20 hectare private farm of a local family, where you will unfold the secrets of the Blue Zone. Experience passed-down artisanal traditions, such as pottery making, textile embroidery and traditional mask painting, showcasing how these cultures embrace their ancient traditions. A family-style lunch features food that is charged with well-being, bringing a full circle of understanding to why these people live the longest, happiest and healthiest lives on the planet. Finish the day with a gentle hike to a nearby waterfall, where we encourage you to jump in the crystal clear waters for a refreshing dip before boarding your private plane back to AltaGracia.

  • Recommended for families of varying ages and for guests who are intrigued by history and culture, the day trip does not require physical effort and is therefore suitable for all profiles
  • This full day adventure transports guests between the hacienda and Nicoya Peninsula by private plane
  • While there is no minimum age, guests 5 and above tend to get the most out of this experience

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