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5 Rejuvenating Spa Treatments to Try Now

Sep 11, 2014

Each of us, every day, performs a delicate balancing act in our lives. With so many responsibilities competing for our time and attention, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of neglecting our own physical and emotional needs. Research has shown the deep connection between mind and body, and how health in one has rejuvenating effects in the other. So whether you’re burned out from a demanding job or simply need a bit of alone time away from life’s daily demands, these restorative spa treatments will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready.

1. Travel detox spa treatment:

After a long day of travel, there’s nothing more rejuvenating than Auberge du Soleil’s Antidote treatment. Ancient Yogic massage techniques and pure handcrafted ingredients work together to counter the negative effects of travel-induced stress – natural biorhythms are restored and the body is flooded with beneficial ions and minerals. The perfect post-travel prescription.

The Auberge Spa

2. Reconnect with the elements:

The Canyon Sage Warm Stone Massage at Calistoga Ranch re-connects you to the elements while healing and re-awakening your body. Rhythmic massage techniques and the healing power of stones blend together with nourishing oils and therapeutic heat for perfect rejuvenation.

The Auberge Spa at Calistoga Ranch

3. Rehydrate sun-exposed skin:

Following a long day under the Sun, enjoy Esperanza’s Retreat from the Sun treatment.  Combining the gifts of the Los Cabos desert, you’ll be cocooned in a soothing aloe glaze wrap while receiving a gentle scalp and foot massage. Then a full-body massage with pure aloe rehydrating lotion will leave your skin soft and hydrated. A rejuvenating mini-facial includes cleansing, a fresh cucumber and aloe recovery gel mask, and deep moisturizing. Ideal for dehydrated or sun-exposed skin.

The Spa at Esperanza

4. Calm muscle inflammation:

The perfect remedy for sore, inflamed muscles – Hotel Jerome’s Arnica and Birch massage takes a cue from the indigenous Ute healing traditions to heal stressed muscles. A restorative massage is enriched with a steam infusion of arnica and birch, remedy plants used in Native American herbal traditions and popular today for reducing muscular pain and inflammation.

The Auberge Spa at Hotel Jerome

5.  Reconnect with a loved one:

Let the stunning surrounds of Anguilla’s white-sand beaches help you reconnect with a loved one.  Malliouhana’s Under the Tamarind Tree is specifically designed for couples – hearten connection and rekindle the playful side of your relationship as you paint a house made Tamarind scrub on one another. After a warm shower rinse, enjoy blissful side by side Ebb & Flow massages. The gift of time is built into the treatment as you toast to your happy journey on your private verandah.

The Auberge Spa at Malliouhana